Detailed Guide on How to Contact Facebook 24/7 Customer Service

If you have an issue with your Facebook account, you must contact Facebook 24/7 Customer Service instantly. Contacting from Facebook might be a little difficult. 

But you needn't have to worry. In this guide, we've mentioned some possible ways that help you contact customer service. However, contacting Facebook by phone can be the toughest in other ways. 

Besides, there are some other ways that you might use to get in touch with the Facebook Help Centre. Through Facebook customer service, you can talk with Facebook representatives.  

Moreover, you can email, call or chat with someone on Facebook. For further assistance, keep reading the information appropriately. So, let's start without wasting more time.  

Is Facebook's 24/7 Customer Service required

Contacting family, friends, or co-workers is essential before using the below option regarding problems related to Facebook. Thus, contact them and ask whether they are experiencing the same issue that you are. 

If all have the same problem, then there is no need to contact Facebook customer service. This is because the platform is already working on the solution. So, you must try to log into your account using another device. If doing so might not resolve the issue, use the next solution. 

How to call Facebook customer service by phone 

Contacting customer service might be challenging sometimes because Facebook does not support phones. Thus, if you encounter an issue with your Facebook account, you must log in first. 

Once done, you will see the downward arrow key at the top-right corner. Now, hit on it and choose Help & Support option. Finally, select the options like Report a Problem, Help Centre, Support Inbox, etc.  

How to contact Facebook customer service through social networks?

The first social media site is, and to resolve the issue, you must contact customer service through social media channels. If these platforms are insufficient, you must contact their support through social media. 

Facebook Twitter (@Facebook):

This platform lets users tweet and reply. Thus, you can contact Facebook if you have a Twitter account. However, it might provide you with a public platform for serious concerns.

Facebook Help Centre (

This option is available through the website or Facebook app. You can find articles in the Help Centre. Moreover, you can follow links for help. Once you follow the links, you can find the necessary information about dealing with dubious activity. 

Facebook Instagram (@Facebook):

Both Instagram and Facebook are associated with each other. Thus, you can use this channel to send messages and find support.

How to get Facebook 24/7 Customer Service by email?

You can contact Facebook Customer Service through email. You can use different email addresses to solve different Facebook problems. If you want information about media or press, you must use [email protected]


On the other hand, use the [email protected] email address if you are with law enforcement. These are the email address of Facebook that you can use to resolve issues. 

Facebook Customer Service direct contact forms

The platform offers various contact forms for various common user problems. Please fill out these forms and send them directly through email. Thus, you can use this form in various ways:

  • Users must visit if they have lost access to your Facebook page. 
  • Go to if your account was disabled.
  • Use the email address if your videos are disappearing. 
  • Visit if your email is already used while signing up. 

How to Use Facebook Help Centre?

It is a great way to collect information about problems you might face without contacting a customer service representative. Thus, it is designed to provide users with information and prevent them from contacting Facebook support directly. 


To do so, tap the small arrow under your Profile picture and choose Help and Support. After that, choose the Help Centre option. Doing so will open the Facebook Help Centre in a new tab. 


You can browse topics inside the Facebook Help Centre using the search bar. The main page also offers six popular topics: login and Password, Privacy and Security, Pages, Account Settings, Groups, and Marketplace. 


Besides, there is a different section for Login or Security information queries. You can resolve login problems by tapping on the Login and Password option. Also, you can reset your password without waiting for Facebook support help. 

The Bottom Line

That's it! The abovementioned ways will help you learn how to contact Facebook 24/7 Customer Service. You must use any one way to resolve the problem instantly. Moreover, if you want more details about this topic, visit our official website. 


Does FB have a phone number?

For regular users, Facebook does not have a phone number to call.

How can I recover my FB account?

To recover your Facebook account, visit the Find Your Account page at Once done, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions. 

How do I talk to Facebook customer care?

You'll see a downward-facing arrow key on the desktop site. Tap on it and choose the option Help & Support.

How do I contact Facebook support if my account is disabled?

You must use the [email protected] email address to contact Facebook to recover your disabled accounts.