How Do I Contact Facebook Help Center: 2023 (Detailed Information)

This blog will discuss various ways to help you reach the Facebook Help Center. If you are going through the information below, it means you have an account on Facebook. 

However, it is a social media platform for connecting with new friends. The app allows users to add friends to their contact lists and chat with them whenever possible. 

If you encounter an issue related to your Facebook account, you can call, email or chat with someone on Facebook. Read the complete information to know how to contact Facebook Help Center. 

For further assistance, keep reading the guide. You can take help from the below information whether you're a business accountholder or a personal user.  

How to get Support from Facebook Help Center by email?

Below is a different email address that you can use to solve different problems with your Facebook account:

How to contact Facebook by Phone?

As we know, Facebook does not support phones, so contacting someone is difficult. The known phone number for Meta is 650-543-4800, which includes Instagram, Facebook, and Oculus. 

If you call the given number, you will hear the recording telling you that Facebook does not offer phone support. Moreover, using the mobile app, you can contact Facebook:

  • On your Phone, Open the Facebook app and log into your account.
  • Now, tap the search icon. 
  • Next, enter the mobile number in the required fields.
  • Once done, hit on that search result. 

Ways to contact Facebook via Live Chat

Before moving ahead, it's important to know that live Chat is unavailable for all users. English-speaking users can only use this option. Below are the options that will help you to chat with a Facebook support representative:

  • You must visit if you are a Facebook creator in the US.
  • If chat support is available, you can chat with a representative on this page.
  • If you try logging into your Facebook-locked account, you will be redirected to chat with a live support representative. 

Use Direct Contact Forms

You must use Facebook's direct contact forms. This is because these forms are connected to support pages on Facebook directly. You can use these forms in several ways:

  • While signing up, if your email is already used, go to
  • Go to if your account was disabled. 
  • If you are finding issues while making payments, use
  • If your advertising account was disabled, you must use

How to take business and Partner Support?

1.   You can use Chat or email support if you have a business using Facebook services.

The process below won't work if you don't have a business account. Follow the below steps to contact Facebook Support through Chat:

  • First, open your Commerce Manager and choose your account. 
  • Now, tap on the Education tab and choose the options Contact Support.
  • Next, describe your issue and enter your message.
  • After that, select either Email or Chat.
  • At last, select the option Send 
  • If you select the email option, you'll get a response to your email address. A Facebook Messenger window will open, and a support representative will join the conversation if you select Chat.

2.   For Business, Meta business accounts can also send messages.

Visit and tap the Send a message button at the top while signing into Facebook using your Business account. 

3.   From a Facebook marketing expert, get advertising advice.

If you want advertising-related help, fill out the form to request help from Facebook's marketing experts at

4.   Media partners have a direct support form.

Go to if you're a media partner facing a payment or bug problem. 

Tweet at Facebook

Various Twitter accounts are available on Facebook (Meta). If your problem is serious, go through the list of official Facebook accounts:

  • Meta Newsroom:
  • Meta Portal
  • Meta Tech:
  • For creators Meta:
  • Facebook Gaming:
  • Navigate to Facebook Messenger 
  • Facebook Messenger for Kids
  • Meta:
  • Visit Facebook App
  • Go to for Facebook Security 

The Final Verdict

I hope the above information helps you know about Facebook Help Center differently. You can solve the problem related to your Facebook account using the following ways. Besides, if you are still facing issues, write in the sections below. 


1. How do I recover my Facebook account from the Help Center?

Follow the below steps to recover an old account from the Help Center: 

  • First, visit the profile of the account you want to recover 
  • After that, tap on the cover photo 
  • Now, choose the option Report or Find Support 
  • Next, select Something Else option 
  • And then tap on the Next button
  • Lastly, follow the rest of the instructions to recover this account

2. Can we recover the Facebook account?

By logging back into Facebook, you can reactivate your Facebook account anytime. You can also log into your account using another device.