How do one get their disabled Facebook account back?

Facebook App has been one of the most treasured networking platforms that is used by individuals across the globule. This app provides instant relief to it's users from their hectic schedule. What if this relief comes to an end unwittingly. The reason behind this can be the disabled Facebook Account which proves to be impediment for the users.

This can be due to several reasons. So let's scrutinize the matter carefully.

How do one get their disabled Facebook account back?

When the customer's Facebook account is disabled, he/she will not be permitted to use it as it gets deactivated. In order to revive the Facebook account, they need to consider certain methods. So for this very purpose, one needs to follow the below mentioned methods to revive their disabled Facebook account.

1. If Facebook has got one's account disabled, he/she should go to which will open the home page of Facebook.

In case he/she has temporarily deactivated their account, they can recover it whenever they want by logging back into their account. They can even do the same by using their Facebook account to log in on some other device.

  • If one chooses the option to permanently delete their account, they'll have a 30 days window during which they can reactivate their account.
  • If their account has been put for deactivation for more than 30 days, then it will go permanently and can not be recovered. Then he/she has to create an all new Facebook account.

2. Secondly, he/she has to enter their phone number or email address. This mobile number or email id must be associated with the account that they have deactivated.

3. Then he/she has to enter their Facebook password. He/she has to type the password they use to log into their Facebook account. The "Password" text box is pinpoint at the right of where they typed in their mobile number or email id.

If he/she doesn't remember their password, then they should click on the "Forgot Password" button. It will then direct to another page where there will be few instructions displayed for resetting the password.

4.After this method, he/she should tap on the "LogIn" button. Once the password gets accepted, then he/she will be logged back into his/her Facebook account.

5.Then he/she should click on the "Cancel Deletion" button if prompted. If he/she has deactivated their account and it's been less than 30 days since deactivating it, he/she will have the option to cancel deletion.

Why has Facebook disabled my account for no reason ?

  • On Facebook, an account can be disabled as easily as it was created. The users can disable their own accounts by visiting the "Security" section which is available in their account settings. But sometimes Facebook only disables the user's accounts.
  • It is because the user has violated the terms and conditions of service. It can also happen if someone has reported that the account has been compromised by phishing apps, malware or other malicious software.
  • One can easily reactivate their own account if they disable it and restore their account in its entirety, including all their friends, content and account settings.
  • However, if Facebook has disabled the account without the user's consent, then the user must contact Facebook to plead their case to have their account reinstated.

Can a disabled facebook account be reactivated ?

  • One can reactivate their Facebook account at any time by logging back into Facebook or even by using their Facebook account to log in from some other device.
  • One should remember that they'll need to have access to the email address or phone number they use to log in into their account. If one can not remember their password, they can request for a new one.

The prior mentioned doubts and problems have been rejoindered here in the best possible way. If one has to deal with a disabled Facebook Account, one can ponder over this article.