What are the steps of retrieving a hacked Facebook account?

If we’re talking about a highly popular social media website then the first name that comes to the mind is Facebook. It’s an outstanding platform that enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc. Not just this, users of FB can do multiples activities including promoting their business and going live. Today, there are billions of people who’re having FB account and they make use of it every day. But, if a Facebook account hacked then you won’t be able to access the account.

Hacking of FB account is serious and you’ll need the technical help of the experts. If you’re looking for some technical assistance then you must consider contacting the technical support team for a precise solution.

Can someone hack your Facebook without knowing your password?

If someone’s FB account gets hacked then they’ll not be able to access the account. Can I retrieve my Facebook hacked account? The answer to this question is yes you can retrieve or get back to your hacked account if you will follow these simple instructions:

  • Start the process by clicking on the link
  • Look for the option of "Your account has been compromised" to hit on it.
  • The next step will require your FB login credentials including email address, username, phone number, or full name.
  • The password that you’ll enter will be wrong as it must have been changed. So, click on the Reset my password button.
  • Now, you’ll have to tap on the "no longer have access to these?"
  • You will need to write your new email address to get the password link to reset the password.
  • Finally, follow all the next instructions to get your Facebook account back

How do Facebook accounts get hacked?

There are strong chances of the FaceBook account hacked process as it can be done via third-party applications or phishing. You will not be able to get access to the account if it’s get hacked. So, consider the security features to make your account stronger.

How to keep the Facebook account safe?

There are various ways of keeping your account safe and one of them is activating the two-factor authentication security feature in the FB account. With this, you’ll add an added layer of security to the FB account. One mistake that you should avoid is auto-saving the passwords on public or shared devices. Never auto-save your Facebook password on any device or computer if it's a shared or public computer.

One of the important tips to be followed is to turn on the login alerts. With this, you’ll get a notification every time there will be login to your account from nay another device.  You can do this easily from your ‘settings’. You can consider speaking to the techies of FB customer support for more help on making your account safe.

Can someone hack your Facebook without knowing your password?

The hacking has got smarter as your FB account can be hacked through phishing or third party applications. Always try to add a security feature to your account. If you need more assistance on FB account hacking then you can get in touch with the technical experts. From the team of deft experts, you’ll get speedy and accurate tech support.