How to Fix Facebook Marketplace?

You wouldn't be the primary person to think that Facebook is beyond disappointing. When it involves customer service and technical support. There’s no number to call, no live chat support. Nothing which will help or guide you thru technical difficulties.

Even there's also no shortage of bugs with the world's leading social media platform. When Facebook Marketplace stops working, things can get even more frustrating. As some people depend upon it for a living.

Here are many the explanations why is Facebook marketplace not working. And a few recommendations on the way to attempt to fix things.

How to fix Facebook marketplace not working?

A common reason for the missing market icon

First of all, you would like to know that Facebook is an unwritten policy that favors active accounts. When it involves accessing the Marketplace. So, if you created an account two days ago and you haven't done anything. It except trying to access the Marketplace, you would be lock out.

Access Marketplace from the menu

In general, the Marketplace icon should be visible within the Facebook app. But if not, there's no reason to assume that the Marketplace is down. Or that your access thereto has been restrict. Instead, you'll try accessing it from the menu.

Interact through your Post

As mentioned above, Facebook wants to find out that the accounts are active. A method to hurry up the method of accessing the Marketplace.

Feature is to hitch various buying / selling groups on Facebook. You’ll join groups from anywhere within the world that have a connection to the Marketplace. But it's going to be best to look regional or local groups first.

Start interacting with many of your own posts.

This could increase your chances of unlocking the mysterious disappearing Marketplace icon.

Coping up with geographic and language restrictions

Unfortunately, whilst a Facebook account holder for quite 10 years. You'll not yet have access to the Marketplace. There are two belongings you can attempt to do. First of all, confirm that your default Facebook language is about to English. Choose English (US) to be safe.

Second, confirm your country or location isn't blocked on the Marketplace. You’ll find the list of accepted locations by using Google. Or by submitting an invitation through the Facebook support page.

Those who travel abroad are particularly susceptible to losing access to the Marketplace. Once you change your Facebook location. The new location data will override the country data. This makes it possible to dam access to the market.

Update the Facebook app

If you are trying to use the Marketplace from your Android or iPhone. Without success, you'll want to think about updating the app to its latest version. Visit the Play Store or App Store, look for the Facebook application and check if an update is out there. If there’s, please download it as this might make the Marketplace available again.

New Account

If you're having a replacement account then this Facebook marketplace not working. This could take some hours to seem. As Facebook does take 12-24 hours, to verify your account. And also to marketplace to some genuine accounts.

Notifications Not Working

Notifications are what allow you to know what's happening on Facebook. Once they pack up, it are often a headache. First, confirm you've got notifications enabled at the system level.

These settings might complete through the settings within the menu. Usually you'll attend Settings> Applications> Facebook> Notifications. Confirm Facebook can post notifications. If so, check the notification settings within the app. To form sure they're configured.


 We hope the ideas during this article assist you to troubleshoot the issues. You've got been experiencing. What are the foremost common problems that you have faced? When handling Facebook Marketplace not loading? Please allow us to know within the comments below.