A complete guide to getting rid of Facebook technical issues:

When your Facebook report a problem, the best way to get out of this situation is to contact the support team. But most of the time it happens that Facebook keeps crashing every time when you open the support section of your app. These issues are very common with Facebook these days hence most of its users are using other applications providing the same features. We don’t want Facebook users to face this issue in the future. So here in this blog, we all provide all the essential tips to fix these issues conveniently.

Facebook privacy issues:When we are unable to see someone’s profile in our account then it must be due to Facebook privacy issues. We all know that Facebook has very strict privacy policies. Also, users have all the access to set up their privacy according to their needs. They can have complete access to allow or block their account visibility for anyone on Facebook. So, if you are nor able to check out the profile of any particular person, then they have surely chosen to hide their profile.

Other than this, we can also face server issues due to which we can see a delay in loading images and feeds. But when the Facebook server remains down no matter how much your internet strength is, your Facebook videos will not load till the server issue settles down. Generally, server issues can be easily detected through Facebook down detector. But installing any third-party application just for the sake of checking the server is not worthy. Hence, we suggest our Facebook users wait for a while and let the Facebook technicians fix the server.

How can I clear the cache files and reinstall my Facebook application?

If your Facebook is getting crashed or shutting down then it’s the time to clean your device. Alternatively, you can also reinstall the application to make it work well. Facebook report a problem when too many files get downloaded in it. Clearing cache files is a lifesaver for those who do not want to lose their saved data within the application. Removing the cache files will only delete the unwanted and temporary files without touching your saved information. Moreover, if you don’t know to uninstall or clear your cache files then you will get the assistance here. We have provided complete steps so that anyone can perform this without any hassle.

  • First of all, Open the “Device Settings” on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the “Apps & notifications” option. If you are an iPhone user then go to the “App Manager” in your device.
  • If the list of applications is showing then click on the Facebook application. Otherwise, search for the “see all apps” to get the list of all applications running on your device.
  • Now click on the “Facebook” application from the list.
  • Here you will get to see all the information regarding storage and cache files. You will also find an option to uninstall the application on this page.
  • Click on the “Storage and cache” option to check the cache data of your application.
  • Hit the “Clear cache” option to erase all the data.

Additionally, if you want to reinstall the Facebook application on your device then you have to uninstall the application first.

  • On Android devices, click on the profile picture on the top left corner.
  • This will open a menu of Facebook settings.
  • On the last in the list you will find the logout option. Click on the logout option and download the application again from the google play store.
  • On an iPhone, you have to click on the top right corner of the screen showing your profile picture.
  • After that, scroll the list to the bottom to find the logout option.
  • Click on the logout option to get out of your account. To reinstall the application, you have to go to the apple play store.

After installing the app successfully on your device. Enter email access/phone number and password to log in to your Facebook account.