How To Use Facebook Video Downloader Android I iphone I Windows

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Many people love to watch and download videos from this platform. But most of us don’t know what to do; thus, we need not panic.  

Using Facebook Video Downloader, every person can download HD videos from Facebook. You needn’t have to install computer applications or software to download videos.   

As per the report, there are many Android users compared to iOS. If you are a video lover and want to download videos from Facebook, you must know which tool will help you easily. 

For further details, keep reading the article. Here, we have mentioned highly-rated apps for Android users to download videos from Facebook. Go through them individually and select the one for the best results.  

Facebook Video Downloader for Android [Top 10]

Below are the top 10 apps that provide you with the facility to download videos from Facebook:

1.   Media Clip Video Downloader 

This leading service provider provides wide sitesupport and exciting features. Using content management, it supports many video streaming and popular media file formats. 


  • Users can easily download documents, images, and videos using this app.
  • Users can enjoy video downloading from Medis Clip Video Downloader without limitation. 


  • Many annoying ads and even the ad blocker app create conflicts during usage.
  • On this app, users cannot define the download location; thus, this is the biggest confusion. 

2.   Video Downloader for Facebook

It is a simple-to-use program that offers a faster experience of Facebook video downloading. The app can directly copy files to a hard drive or any other storage. Together with numerous video-sharing sites, it supports various file formats.   


  • The process of downloading vidoes is simple and fast. 
  • Users can easily determine the location for file storage. 


  • While downloading videos causes some colla

This app can help you download high-quality videos in multiple file formats. Even at a faster speed, it also extends support to 4K resolution. 


  • Unexpected damages encounter while downloading videos from Facebook.  

4.   Download Manager

This app or your Android or Smartphone downloads all kinds of Facebook videos. It detects links from the browser automatically. Thus, users needn’t have to copy or paste the link. 


  • This app generates line tasks and puts a priority on them. It ensures downloading important tasks first, and users can adjust priorities as needed.
  • To maintain downloading speed, large files are downloaded in small chunks.


  • Buffer size is not suitable. 
  • Videos links are required to be added hand-operated. This is because most videos are naturally bounded. Due to this, users find this task irritating.  

5.   Advanced Download Manager

It is a well-organized tool, and due to this, it has received a higher rating from users. This tool lets users download all types of files on a phone. The tool is designed with multi-threaded technology, and thus it makes every download process faster.  


  • The app lets users download more than one file at a time quickly. 
  • Within seconds, you can receive wanted Facebook videos on your device.


  • Users have encountered instant freeze problems. Thus, this issue claims awareness and some change. 

6.   FVD Free Video Downloader

This tool can be used to download videos from different websites. Remember that you can download various videos from several sites except YouTube. 


  • Users can download Doc, music, and PDF files together.
  • The app follows a GUI-based interface that is much more connected and convenient. 


  • Downloading pause features often creates difficulty, and users must fix it repeatedly.
  • You will find too many ads on this platform, which is troublesome. 

7.   Get Them All

Well-trained professionals have designed the app, and downloading using the app might be amazing. Users can download from hundreds of websites, including all-time favourite Facebook.  


  • This application lets users download documents, images, and other media files easily.
  • The platform is updated daily with expanded support for all new file formats.


  • Using the platform, collision is popular. 
  • The app is heavier as it damages the Smartphone batteries swiftly. 

8.   HVD (High-Definition Video

It will help you to gain beautiful crystal clear details for all your Facebook videos. This is designed to provide users with an exciting downloading experience.


  • The user interface of this app appears simple; any layperson can operate it.
  • The downloading speed of this app is quick. 
  • Help easily allot files over the internet and help make things offline.


  • About the download process, this application does not provide notifications.
  • It often does not recognise YouTube URLs, and users must manually add them.

9.   All Video Downloader

The application offers higher similarity inclusive with Android models. Once you know which video you want to download, it starts the downloading process immediately. Thus, in the download folder, videos are stored directly. 


  • Multiple videos can be downloaded at a time.
  • It can provide various video-sharing sites with ease.


  • This app does not support YouTube video downloading. 
  • Display disturbing ads and pop-ups while downloading videos. 

10.  AVD Download Video Downloader 

The platform is designed with many latest technologies. Thus, to learn operations on this platform, users can take the help of online tutorials. 


  • With an android friendly design, it follows quite a simple interface.
  • The presentation style of this app is quite amazing. 


  • The functionalities of this app are similar. Thus, users need to spend more time to know about the app.
  • Downloading speed is slow compared to other tools. 

How to download Facebook Video?

Follow the below steps to use the above tool for downloading Facebook videos: 

  • First, copy the Facebook video link that you want to download.
  • Now, paste the link and choose a video quality 
  • Lastly, tap on the “Download Facebook Video” button 
  • Once done, your FB video will be downloaded to your device.


That’s all! After reviewing the above information, I hope you’ll get detailed information about the Facebook Video Downloader. The top 10 apps are given above to download videos from Facebook. Using this tool is simple and convenient. Besides having issues related to this topic, write in the sections below.  


How do I download 4K videos from Facebook?

To download 4K videos from Facebook, follow the below steps: 

  • First, install Facebook Video Downloader and open it. Look for a 4K Video Downloader and then tap Download
  • Copy the link to a Facebook video
  • After that, hit on the 'Paste Link' in the downloader
  • Next, choose the quality and format 
  • At last, press on the Download button 

Which is the best FB video downloader?

The list of best Facebook video downloader’s is given below: 

  • Allavsoft
  • Freemake Video downloader
  • SnapDownloader
  • Click Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader online

Downloading videos without authorization may infringe on copyright laws and can lead to legal consequences. Therefore, I cannot provide assistance or guidance on using Facebook video downloader online tools.

If you want to save a Facebook video for personal use or to share it with others, you can use the built-in "Save Video" feature on Facebook, which allows you to bookmark videos and access them later from your "Saved" section on the platform. Remember to always respect the rights and permissions of content creators when using any social media platform.

Facebook video downloader Android

As an alternative, if the video is yours or you have permission from the video's owner to download it, you can use Facebook's own "Save Video" feature or consider using legitimate methods like screen recording while playing the video. However, it's essential to always respect copyright laws and the rights of content creators when dealing with their videos on any platform.

Private Facebook video downloader

Facebook's privacy settings are designed to protect the content of users who choose to share videos privately. Downloading or accessing private videos without authorization would be a breach of trust and could result in serious consequences, including legal action.

If you come across a private video on Facebook that you wish to view, the appropriate and ethical approach is to request permission from the video's owner to watch it.