Do you have face issues while accessing Gmail on iPhone?

As a great communication medium, the Gmail has been great in service so far. Moreover, the features such as notification, filters allow it to stand out from the crowd. But in some case, you encounter that Gmail not working.

In case you use the Gmail service over a smartphone. You often rely on the Gmail for various emails whether it is important or not.

 You have been having amazing experience while accessing the Gmail over on your iPhone or iPad, but all of a sudden it stopped running. Though you submit the correct password in your Gmail account several times it won't work. And, this is the first case when you have an issue with Gmail not working on iphone.

Few possible issues with your Gmail in iPhone

If you have been entering the correct credentials which is your password and Gmail Id.  And, you are still not able to access the Gmail services. You can opt for the methods, highlighted below.

  1. Access the Gmail homepage and look for the alerts.

Although your iPhone or iPad cannot intimate about a failed sign-in, it might be helpful to visit the Gmail website.

After you log in, check for an e-mail or warning that says anything like "Someone has hacked your account address" or "Gmail has disabled your login attempt." If there is an e-mail or alert box like this, press the "Review Your Devices Now".

  1. Access the Google website to learn about the devices status for sign-in activities.

Besides, access the section “Security” which is available on my account page of Google website. Just skips to your devices and you will find the information about your sign-in and log out activities.

Here, Google confirms that you have not been logged out from your choice of device, in this case, the iPhone. There might be other issues which are not allowing the Gmail not working.

3. Logged out from Gmail Account from your iPhone and restore it again

Much as the old way of unplugging a computer and plugging it back in to make it functional, try the new version of it by deleting your Gmail account from your iPhone or iPad and then restoring it.

It is safe to execute that Gmail user emails are saved on Gmail servers, which ensures that deleting and restoring Gmail from your computer would not erase any mail data from your account. Restore your Gmail account will restore all contacts, notes, and e-mails to your iPhone. However, there might be an issue if Gmail not syncing.

How do I get my Gmail to work again?

There might be many technical issues with your Gmail while you access over iPhone.

Let’s have a look over some common issues that can get your Gmail app not working.

  • Internet connection of your device
  • Change in account settings
  • Incomplete  updates of files
  • Technical glitches
  • Some random bugs.
  • Unknown bugs and issues
  • Storage issues can cause a Gmail crash
  • Gmail storage if it is overloaded.
  • Older version of the application.

However, these are some common issues often occur with a Gmail especially in your smartphone. Here, you can find the resolutions to these issues.

  • First and Foremost, remove your account from your device and again sign in to your Gmail account
  • Enable the protocol IMAP. You activate it to allow the delivery of emails to your devices. It may cause problems for the Gmail if it is not enabled.
  • Try to get the latest version of your Gmail app as the older version might face issues with some features across the technology. Thus, update your Gmail app to find a solution to the issue.
  • Simply uninstall the Gmail app once, and later try reinstalling it again.
  • You can try to force stop the app and restart the phone again to find a fix of the issue.

In conclusion

These steps can help you trouble shoot the many common errors if you are using the Gmail app over the iPhone. Besides, Google might have issues with its services which can cause issues in Gmail for the users. In this case, you cannot do more than just waiting for the fix from the Google Itself.