How to Delete the Cash App History for Account Security

The Cash App is indeed one of the best digital payment mediums for people. Once you download and make an account, you can quickly start exchanging money with whoever you want. However, over the course of its use, you may see several transactions in your account. At this time, those who are worried about their privacy wonder how to delete Cash App history.  

The Cash App saves and stores your transactions on a page called Transaction History. But it's not possible to delete transactions from that page. The only plausible solution is deleting all your data and closing your account. Learn more about this process in this post.

Understand Why You Cannot Delete Transaction History in Cash App.

Before you ask if you can delete Cash App history, you must know why it isn’t possible. The Cash App Terms of Service clearly state that a transaction, once made, cannot be deleted. So, removing the transaction history is not possible under any circumstance.

A payment will display the necessary information and its status, pending or completed. It is also important to know that erasing transaction history on Cash App is not required. All the transactions are private by default because of the robust safety and security measures of the Cash App.

Only the authentic user of the Cash App account can access their transaction history. Nobody else can view even a part of it. Besides, you also cannot hide your payment history on Cash App. It is also disguised from other users by default.

Delete the Cash App History by Closing Your Account

Now you know that you simply cannot erase your Cash App history. But if you think that you cannot trust the app anymore, it is better to delete your data inside it. It will make way for account deletion.

  • Access Cash App.
  • Now, find the icon of a person’s head (your profile).
  • Touch this icon to access more features.
  • Go to the support options.
  • Here, choose ‘Something Else.’
  • This will take you to ‘Account Settings.’
  • From the list of options, hit that of ‘Account Settings.’
  • Now, from the list of settings, choose ‘Delete your personal information.’
  • Confirm the decision to erase your personal information.
  • After your confirmation, all your personal data will be deleted. Your account will get reset.
  • In case you don’t see this option, choose ‘Contact Support.’

Steps to Download Cash App History

Do not underestimate the importance of your payment history or data on Cash App. You can require it at any time. So, even before deleting the history or closing the account, download a copy of the payment history from the app. Use these pointers to download it.

  • Open any web browser.
  • Sign into your Cash App.
  • Find the ‘Settings’ option and select it.
  • Now you will see a ‘Download Your Info’ option.
  • Choose it.
  • After that, pick ‘Activity.’
  • Follow this step by selecting ‘Statements.’
  • Now, to download the history on Cash App, choose ‘Export.’
  • You will find a downloadable copy of your entire payment history on your system.

Hide Your Transactions on the Cash App

You cannot keep your transactions secret on Cash App, just like you cannot remove them. Hiding transactions is not possible because they are already private and available only to you.

You will need to erase your Cash App account if you don’t want to see a part or entire transaction.

Steps to Delete or Erase Your Cash App Account Permanently

You can also delete the whole Cash App account without deleting your data first. Doing so will automatically remove your app’s history too. Here are the pointers that will aid you in directly deleting your account on the Cash App.

  • Hit the icon of the profile. It is present beside your name.
  • Select ‘Support’ in the list of choices.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Something Else.’
  • Now, click ‘Account Settings’ followed by ‘Close my Cash App account.’
  • Hit ‘Confirm’ to exit your account.

Should You Be Tensed about the Security of the Cash App?

We say that there isn't any need to delete your transaction history on the Cash App because of good reasons. The platform boasts advanced security protocols and measures, all of which make your transaction data fully safe.

Here are the major security features that the app offers to its users.

  • Unique one-time-use login code – Every time a Cash App user logs into the app, they need to input a unique login code. The Cash App gives this code to the phone number or email ID associated with the app during sign-in.
  • Security lock setting – By turning on this setting, the Cash App user will be asked to input their passcode. This is for every payment they make on the app. The security lock setting gives an additional layer of authentication. It ensures that every transaction is made by the user of the app and approved by them.
  • Text/email notifications – It is easy to enable email or text notifications on the Cash App. Once you do this, you'll get an alert whenever a payment is made. So, if you find a notification for a payment that you did not make, you can get a message for it quickly.
  • Cash card security – You can increase the security of your Cash card by hiding your digital data in the app. In the event of your card getting misplaced or stolen, you can turn off your Cash card. Turn it on again only if it is found.
  • Two-factor authentication – Users can enable two-factor authentication by going to the website of Cash App and logging in. Tap ‘Account’ followed by ‘Security.’ On this page, tap ‘Enable authy.’ Download the Authy app on your phone, open it, and tap ‘Add account.’ Now choose ‘Cash App’ and input your credentials. This will enable authy to produce a unique six-digit code.

Summing up

How to delete cash app history is really not required because only you can view it. Still, if you feel the need to do so, closing the account after downloading the transaction history is the only option. Contact a Cash App support expert online if you need more clarification on any area of this process.