How to Delete Facebook Account on iPhone: 2023 (Instant Solutions)

This guide teaches you How to Delete Facebook Account on iPhone. Also, you will know what you should do before deleting your account. Deleting a Facebook account can quickly be done using the iPhone app. 

But before doing so, remember that deleting your account is permanent, and you can't recover it. Moreover, before removing your account, you must cut off the apps linked to your Facebook account. 

For further details, keep reading the guide. Here, you'll learn how to delete Facebook on the app from your iPhone. So, what are you thinking? Let's start. 

How to delete a Facebook account on iPhone?

Before moving ahead, an account deletion might take 30 days. If you want to cancel the deletion, you can do within these periods. This is because it might be completed after 30 days. Follow the below procedures to delete your Facebook account on your iPhone: 

  1. On your iPhone, open the Facebook app
  2. Now, click on the Menu icon that appears at bottom-right corner  
  3. Next, hit on the Settings & Privacy option
  4. After that, press the Settings button 
  5. Go ahead and click Account Ownership and Control
  6. Now, tap on the option Deactivation and Deletion 
  7. Once done, select the option Delete account 
  8. And then hit the Continue to Account Deletion button
  9. To deactivate or delete the account, review the options 
  10. If you want to save data, press the Download button
  11. After doing so, hit on the Delete Account option 
  12. To confirm, enter your password and press Continue
  13. Lastly, to ensure the deletion, switch on the option Delete account 

How to deactivate Facebook on the app from your iPhone? 

Go through the below steps to learn how to deactivate Facebook on the app. Once you deactivate your account, others will not see your profile. If you want, you can reactivate your account later. So, let's proceed further:

  • Open the Facebook app and hit on the menu icon
  • Go below and click Settings & Privacy 
  • Next, press Settings and then Account Ownership and Control
  • Now, tap Deactivation and Deletion
  • After that, select Deactivate Account option and then Continue to Account Deactivation 
  • If required, enter your Facebook password
  • Once done, explain your reason for deactivating and click Continue
  • After that, choose how long you want to deactivate an account 
  • Click Done and then Continue 
  • To finish the process, press Deactivate My Account option

Using Safari, how to delete your Facebook account on an iPhone?

Go through the tips below to delete your iPhone account from Safari: 

  • On the Safari browser, open the Facebook app 
  • And then, press the menu icon
  • After that, click the Settings option
  • Now, hit Personal and Account Information under the Account option
  • Next, hit Account Ownership and Control and then Deactivation and Deletion
  • Once done, click the Delete Account button and then hit Continue to Account Deletion 
  • Discuss your issue and at last click on the Delete Account option 

How to reactivate Facebook?

Reactivating the Facebook account is simple whether you delete or deactivate it. The difference is that if you have deleted your account, you have only 30 days to reactivate it. 

At the same time, the deactivated account can be reactivated at any time. Follow the steps to reactivate your Facebook account after deactivating it:

  • First off, open the Facebook app
  • Now, log into your account using the login credentials 
  • Once done, your account has been reactivated.

How to change your Facebook privacy settings?

You can adjust your Facebook privacy and security setting by following the below steps: 


  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and click on the menu icon 
  • Move downwards and click on Settings & Privacy
  • Next, press on the Privacy Shortcuts option 
  • Review privacy settings and modify them as you want 

The Bottom Line

That's it! After following the above information, you'll know How to Delete Facebook Account on iPhone. You will also see how to deactivate and reactivate the Facebook app. If you still need help deleting an account, write in the sections below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, deactivating or deleting a Facebook account?

Deleting your Facebook account might delete your profile and data, while deactivating lets you take a break from the site. Thus, deactivating a Facebook account can be better. 

How do I recover my Facebook account?

You can re-login your account anytime if you choose to deactivate your account. But, if you have decided to remove your account permanently, you will have 30 days to change your decision.