How to delete Facebook business page: 2023 [Detailed Information]

In this guide, you'll need to know everything about How to delete Facebook business page with possible solutions. So, you must read the information provided on this page carefully.

However, a Facebook page is deleted from a mobile device or Facebook website. Thus, the deletion process of a Facebook page is simple and easy. 

Before you move ahead, consider the reasons to delete a Facebook business page. There might be some common reasons behind this. So, without wasting time, let's get started.  

Reasons to Delete a Facebook business page h2

Below are some common reasons that will show you why you need to delete a Facebook page:

  • Poor return on investment
  • Don't have much time to update your Facebook page.
  • Encounter a duplicate Facebook business page.
  • Concerns over privacy 
  • Low engagement rates

Steps to delete a Facebook business page on Desktop 

Below tips mentioned will help you know how to delete your Facebook business page:

Tips 1: Download a copy of its content

You must download its content before deleting a Facebook business page. However, deleting the page will remove or delete your posts, photos, and other essential information.  

Thus, to download a copy of your Facebook data, visit your page and then choose the Settings tab. Now, go ahead and tap on the Download Page. Next, hit the Request a Download button. Remember that it takes a couple of minutes, and once finished, you'll receive a notification by email.  

Tips 2: Make a final post

After downloading copy, you can now make a final post. Inform the audience that you're leaving the platform and where they can find you. 

There is no need to provide a valid reason, but let them know so they might not get confused. Creating and publishing your final post also provide you satisfaction.  

Tips 3: Log into your account

After creating a final post, log into your account by visiting Facebook's official website. If you're not an admin, you cannot delete your Facebook business pages.  

Tips 4: Tap the "Pages" tab

After logging into your account:

  • Move to the Pages tab.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines and choose the tab Pages. Once done, you'll see a list of pages you want to manage.
  • Lastly, select the page that you want to delete. 

Tips 5: Press the "Settings" tab

Once done, tap the Settings tab and choose the "General" tab.

Tips 6: Scroll down the "General" tab to "Remove Page" 

You'll see "Page Visibility" when you tap the General tab. Move below, and you'll find Remove Page" and to the right, "Delete Your Page." now, press the "Delete Your Page" button. 

Tips 7: Hit the "Delete [Your Page Name]" hyperlink

After that, click "Delete [Your Page Name]." Once done, a pop-up will double-check, which states that you want to delete your page. Now, press the "Delete Page" option. 

Tips 8: You've officially deleted your page

After following the above steps, a pop-up confirms you've "entered deletion mode." Once you do so, no one can see your page. Thus, you have 14 days to cancel the deletion if you've changed your deletion. 

How to delete a Facebook business page on mobile? 

Follow the below steps to delete a Facebook page on your mobile device or Smartphone: 

  • On mobile, open the Facebook app and log into your account. 
  • Now, click the three horizontal lines and then choose "Pages."
  • Got to the "Pages You Manage" and choose the page you want to delete
  • Next, press the "Settings" icon and choose the "General" tab.
  • Move ahead to the "Remove Page" tab.
  • After that, hit the option "Delete [Your Page Name]." 
  • Once done, tap on the Delete Page option. 
  • After completing the above steps, a pop-up will confirm that you want to delete the page. Thus, to confirm the deletion hit the OK button. 

Note: You have 14 days in hand to reactivate your page. 

How to unpublish a Facebook business page?

The unpublishing page is not visible to everyone, even if people have liked your page. It can only be seen by the admin or the person who manages the page. Thus, the process to unpublish a Facebook business page is simple and easy as well as it is similar to deleting a page:

  • First off, log into your Facebook account
  • Now, click on the Pages tab
  • Next, under the General tab, choose the Pages Visibility
  • After that, tap Save Changes, Next, and then Unpublish
  • Lastly, Publish the page again 

Can you delete a page without a password? h2

Deleting a Facebook business page without a password is impossible. Admins can only do this. This can be not easy if you're dealing with a Facebook page that a former employee created. Below is the information that will help you with what you can do:

  • Below the Cover photo, tap the three dots 
  • After that, tap on the Report Page or Find Support 
  • Explain the reason why you want to remove the page 
  • Lastly, hit the Send button 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the information mentioned above concerns how to delete a Facebook business page. After following the above steps, you'll permanently delete your Facebook business page. Moreover, you can also reactivate if you want within 14 days; otherwise, the pages will be deleted forever. Besides, if you are still facing issues, write in the sections below.  


Why can't I delete my Facebook business page?

Not deleting your Facebook business page is because the user is not an admin.

How do I delete my business account?

Follow the below steps to delete your business account:

  • First, go to your Business Profile and then choose Edit Profile 
  • Now, select the Hours tab at the top 
  • After that, choose Edit, Next to Hours
  • Once done, choose the option Permanently closed and then tap the Save button 

How do I delete my Facebook business page without admin?

Currently, it's not possible to delete a Facebook business page without admin.