How do I talk to a live person at amazon to resolve all the Amazon errors?

Amazon is a brand name that is known by almost everyone as it offers multiple features and benefits. For online shopping to Amazon, people always choose Amazon. Right from selling to buying, you can do anything on Amazon. Some of the amazing features that are used by billions of people today are Alexa, Prime, and Amazon Pay. Owing to this, there are a huge number of users all over the world. It also offers 24 hours accessible amazon customer service that helps in removing all the technical Amazon-related glitches with ease. You can speak to someone at Amazon to find an instant solution to any technical difficulty.

How can I speak to someone at Amazon?

To get quick assistance on any kind of Amazon-related problem, you can speak to the techies at Amazon. For this, dial the helpline number, speak to someone at Amazon and ask for the way of turning on 2 step verification in Amazon. The experts will guide with these instructions:

  • Go to the ‘Advanced Security Settings’ option.
  • In the setting section, tap on the ‘Get Started’ to start the Two-Step Verification.
  • Here, add the primary phone number.
  • In the next step, just enter the code that you received on your phone. This is for verification purposes.  
  • After that, you must go for the “Verify code and continue” option.
  • You can also add any back-up number or download & configure an authenticator app.
  • Users won't be able to turn on Two-Step Verification without having a backup phone number.

How do I talk to a live person at Amazon?

There are times when the user wants to cancel the Amazon Prime membership because of any reason. If you don’t know how to cancel the subscription then speak to an amazon representative and they’ll guide you with these quick instructions:

  • Firstly, open the web browser and then navigate to the Amazon website.
  • After reaching there, you have to sign in to your standard account.
  • In this step, choose “Hello” and available from the upper right corner. Sign in Your Account.
  • Now, you can sign in to your account by entering the email and password of Amazon. After this, tap on the “your name” that is present on the upper right side of the page.
  • In the drop-down menu, look out for the prime membership.
  • You need to choose ‘do not continue’. Now, click on ‘end subscription’ to cancel Amazon Prime.

How do I reset the password of an account on the App?

  • Open the Amazon app, search for the menu link from the left upper corner of the amazon app
  • In this step, choose the link of ‘your account’
  • Go to the security and login section. Find the “edit” next to the password
  • Make sure to enter both the current and new passwords.
  • When done with setting password, you just have to tap save after finishing the reset of the password.

How to speak to an Amazon representative?

Talk to a live person at Amazon for fixing the technical problems related to Amazon. The technical professionals are available around the clock to assist you and make you get rid of the problems.