When and What Time Does Cash App Direct Deposit Hit?

Cash App enables you to deposit paychecks, tax returns, and the like to your balance via the account and routing numbers. If you’ve set the direct deposit, you can receive an amount of up to $25,000 per direct deposit and $50,000 in one day. However, if you haven’t yet received the direct deposit, you may be nervously looking on your Cash App screen, searching for a hint from anywhere. Users typically ask what time does Cash App direct deposit hit their Cash App account.

Cash App has not provided any particular time on their official website. They just say that the direct deposits are available instantaneously once they are sent. It may take around 1-5 days for you to see the fund in your account.

This article will help you figure out the duration it takes for the direct deposit to appear in your account.

What Time Can You Expect to Get the Cash App Direct Deposit

Direct deposits become available in a very less time when your employer transfers you money. The app simply does not wait for a particular time to release deposits. Still, many have observed that the deposits generally hit by 12:30 AM EST, the day after they were made.

You may have to wait for as little as a day to as long as five days after your deposit is released. But if your employer releases the deposit on a day before a holiday or Friday, you will only receive it until the coming business or working day.

When does the Cash App direct deposit come on Monday

The direct deposit can take one to three working or business days to appear in your Cash App account. So, if you are waiting to see a deposit on Monday, check your Cash App account between 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM in your specific time zone.

When does the Cash App direct deposit come on Tuesday

On Tuesdays, the Cash App direct deposit can arrive at any time between 2 AM to 4 AM in your time zone. But expect delays if there’s some problem in processing.

When does the Cash App direct deposit arrive on Wednesday

On Wednesdays, the Cash App direct deposit will show in your account between 2 AM - 4 AM. Sometimes it may take more than this specified time range in case there are delays in processing.

When can you expect the Cash App direct deposit to hit on Thursday?

On a Thursday, expect to see your deposit between 2 AM and 4 AM. But on there is no guarantee that the direct deposit will hit between 2 AM and 4 AM in your time zone. This is because your time zone and bank transferring the fund's impact when direct deposit will reflect in your account.

What is the Eastern time of Cash App direct deposit coming into your account?

Usually, you will receive the money in up to 5 business days post the Cash App direct deposit is activated or initiated. It may hit around 12:30 PM EST for 7:30 AM. If the pay is dispatched or initiated on Saturdays and Sundays, Fridays, or holidays, the direct deposit will take slightly longer.

Reasons for Cash App Direct Deposit Pending

Direct deposits only take a few hours to come into your account. But sometimes, you may not find the expected payment. Here are the causes of direct deposits not appearing as expected.

  • If the transaction has been preceded or proceeded by various failed transactions, your bank may regard them as suspicious. It is particularly true for owners of an unverified Cash App account. In this scenario, the bank will hold your payment for security purposes. You need to call your bank to receive the deposit.
  • Sometimes, the direct deposit given out on holidays or weekends won't reach the next day. In the U.S.A, banks don’t process payments on a holiday or a weekend.
  • It may be possible that the server of your banking institution or the Cash App is facing an outage or is down. It happens when either of the two receives a high amount of payment processing requests. Usually, server problems occur at the beginning of every month.
  • Finally, the Cash App deposit transaction adheres to the ACH protocol. So, this can cause delay because it takes more processing time.

The Limit of Direct Deposit in Your Cash App

The limit of Cash App direct deposit is $25,000 for every transaction. It is $50,000 daily. But Cash App states clearly that the first deposit will consume more time as per your employer.

There’s a $0.25 deposit fee that you will need to pay. Regular deposits are free, and they will arrive in not more than 3 business days.

But if you opt for instant deposits, you’ll need to pay a 1.5% fee. Doing so will make the direct deposit hit your account immediately. This fee is for your transaction’s processing and payment.

The Steps to Enable Direct Deposit in Cash App

In order to enable direct deposit, you will need to use your account and routing number. You will find these details when you tap the ‘Money’ tab and look at your balance. The routing and account number will be there.

You can copy them and provide them when asked for a bank account while setting up direct deposit. Now, to set up your direct deposit form, follow these points.

  • Hit the ‘Money’ tab.
  • Now, tap ‘Direct deposit.’
  • Choose ‘Get Direct Deposit Form.’
  • Give your employer data and the amount you want to be deposited from your pay check.
  • Give your signature.
  • Choose ‘Email form.’
  • Input your recipient’s address.
  • Tap ‘Send.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the direct deposit in Cash App hit two days early?

The two days early direct deposit is a Cash App service that lets you get your payment two days earlier than others. The Cash App offers this feature because of its partnership with the Lincoln Savings Bank.

2. What is the direct deposit banking institution’s name for Cash App?

Generally, Sutton Bank issues the Cash App Cash card. The Lincoln Savings Bank handles the direct deposit of all customers.

3. Can I utilize the Cash App for my unemployment direct deposit?

You can utilize the application for unemployment direct deposit. After the funds clear, take out your unemployment direct deposit, stimulus checks, and various other things from IRS from your account.

4.     What time does the Cash App direct deposit go through?

The Cash App direct deposit will likely get through between 3 and 5 in the morning on weekdays. However, during the weekends, users have encountered certain delays in receiving their payment.

5.     What time will I get my money from the Cash App?

You will generally receive your money through the Cash App within minutes of the transaction. However, the app might sometimes take some time to transfer your money into your account.

6.     Can you see pending direct deposits on the Cash App?

Yes, you can see pending deposits on the Cash App application. Simply open your app and go to the transaction section of your account to view received and sent transactions. And along with that, you can also view your pending deposits and their current status.

7.     Is Cash App direct deposit good?

The Cash App is one of the safest applications for directly depositing money. Yet, it's better to safeguard your account with a password and username for a better and smoother experience. Moreover, don't accept any payment from accounts you don't know. That's because it might be a phishing scam, and the scammers might take your entire money.


What time does cash app direct deposit hit your Cash App account varies as per the factors mentioned above. Usually, the funds will deposit at 12:30 PM EST. But they may get delayed due to issues in processing or on weekends. If you want to find out anything more about Cash App direct deposits and transactions, connect with an expert online.